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If your child’s grandparents or aunts and uncles live far away and you get together only a few times a year, develop an entertaining line of communication with a postcard game. Your family will have fun finding just the right postcard to send, while reinforcing alphabet skills at the same time.

Start off by finding a postcard that has a picture of something that begins with the letter “A.” Airlines often give away postcards with a picture of an airplane in flight, for example. On the back of the postcard, print the letter “A” at the top and add a short message to Grandma and Grandpa. Explain that they should in turn send you a postcard with a picture of something that begins with the letter “B.”  (If your child is just learning the alphabet, an older sibling or Mom or Dad may help write the message.)

For challenging letters such as “Q” or “V,” ask for pre-stamped blank postcards at the post office and let your child draw a picture of something that begins with that letter.

Send postcards back and forth to cover all the letters of the alphabet. Both grandparents and kids will delight in finding special greetings in the mail every week.

Save the postcards. The next time your family reunites with the grandparents, combine the 26 “ABC” postcards. Punch a hole in the corner of each card and attach them together on a metal ring or with ribbon or string to form a personalized alphabet book that is also a diary of memorable activites!

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