Heart Candy Pocket Valentines


Grab your school-age kids and make these eye-catching see-through “sewing card”-style hearts filled with sweet treats to share the love on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the stuff you’ll need for several heart pockets:
–Clear acetate (find by the sheet at art-supply stores or by the foot at hardware stores)
–4 1/2-inch-wide heart-shaped cookie cutter for a pattern, or draw and cut out same-size heart on poster board or heavy paper for a template
–hole punch
–yarn in reds and pinks, or red and white baker’s twine
–darning needle (or use a plastic lacing needle made for kids)
–small pieces of candy, such as conversation hearts or red hots
–red or pink construction paper for small heart tags
–glue or double-sided tape

Here’s the fun:
1. Set the heart-shaped cookie cutter or template over two layers of the acetate. Draw the shape with a pen or marker. Cut out both layers, making sure they are identical pieces.
2. Punch holes around the cut out acetate pieces 1/4 inch in from the edge and about 1/2 inch between each hole. Be sure that holes match up when pieces are together.
3. Match the acetate pieces, and sew yarn or twine in and out of the holes beginning at the top left side of the heart. As you complete the stitching, leave an opening to fill the heart with candy, then finish the stitching through the final holes on the top right side. Use a whipstitch to make a very colorful heart pocket. A running stitch works, too.
4. Tie the two loose ends of the yarn in a bow at the top of the heart.
5. For a tag to hang from one end of the yarn, cut out two 1 1/2 inch construction paper hearts. Glue or tape them together sandwiched with the yarn. Write a little Valentine message to someone special.

Extra home-decorating idea:
Decorate your home for Valentine’s Day with the heart shapes by stuffing one or more with brightly colored thin tissue paper strips instead of candy. First, staple around the outside edge, spacing staples every 1/4 inch and leaving a 2 inch opening for stuffing. Stuff with strips in Valentine colors until the pocket is filled. Staple the opening shut, then staple a ribbon or string to the top of the heart shape for hanging.

When St. Patrick’s Day comes in March, and Easter in April, make and fill more shapes like shamrocks

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