April Fool’s Marzipan Potato Surprise

  The French are famous for their trompe l’oeil or “trick of the eye” cuisine. One food is made to look like another. A famous example is the candy truffle, made of chocolate, in the shape of a mushroom-like root.

  This marzipan potato is another trompe l’oeil you can make easily with your kids for an April Fool’s Day caper. The “skin” of this potato is marzipan almond candy dough, made with ground almonds. The body of the potato is a scrumptious chocolate cake mixture.

  Once made, serve the small trick potatoes with verve! Place them in a small basket or bowl and present them as a surprise dessert. After confusing everyone, slice them into 1/2-inch-thick servings and place on dishes accompanied by a triumphant “Ta-da!” Or should we say, “Fooled ya.”

  April Fool’s Marzipan Potato Surprise

  Ingredients for 6 “potatoes”

  –2 1/2 cups crumbled chocolate cake (no frosting)

  –1/2 cup chopped walnuts

  –1/4 cup apricot preserves

  –1 roll (7 ounces) almond marzipan candy dough or marzipan paste, which is stickier (in the baking section of the grocery store)

  –1/4 cup cocoa powder

  –1/4 cup slivered almonds

  Here’s the fun:

  In a large bowl, lightly combine the cake crumbs, walnuts and preserves with a fork. 

  Shape approximately a quarter-cup of the mixture into irregular, stubby, oval “logs” with your hands. Wash your hands to remove all the crumbs when you’re done with the shaping.

  Cut the roll of almond paste into six equal, medallion-type pieces. Place one piece at a time between two sheets of waxed paper and roll out into a 5-inch disk with a rolling pin.

  Remove the waxed paper and wrap each disk around the oval-shaped cake logs. Fold in all edges and press together to seal the cake mixture inside. Trim away any extra “skin” to use on another “potato.” The finished shape should resemble a small russet potato, which typically has an imperfect skin. Little bumps and dents make it look more realistic.

  Roll lightly in the cocoa powder or brush it on with a pastry brush. Insert a few slivered almonds to resemble slightly sprouted potatoes.



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